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Server-Side Header Bidding

By now, publishers are quite familiar with the concept of header bidding. Header Bidding has shot to popularity, especially amongst the publisher community, over a remarkably short period. Most publishers, however, are implementing client-side or browser-side header bidding. But, there’s more to header bidding. Ever heard of Server-side header bidding? Well, we are going to decode it for you right here. And also tell you why you ought to switch.

A major challenge in client-side header bidding is that it slows down the website’s speed, hampering the visitors’ browsing experience. This happens because the advertisers directly call the publisher’s header bidding wrapper, which is run by the browser. More the advertising partners added by publishers, more time it takes to process all the calls. As this process takes place during the initial page load. it can adversely affects the performance of the page. This can be a major turn-off for the visitors, holding them back from visiting the publisher’s website. Being dependent upon the speed of their header bidding partners, publishers may adopt a strategy of using fewer partners to prevent latency. Moreover, client-side header bidding also restricts the number of bidders that can participate in the auction.

A solution to this is server-side header bidding.

At PubNX, we offer publishers server-side header bidding solutions. It is our endeavour to ensure that publishers earn the maximum revenues and get the true value of their inventory. So, let’s start with how exactly this works. Basically, server-side header bidding moves the task of making calls to ad exchanges, away from the browser, and shifts it to the ad server. This improves latency, and also enables publishers to address the scalability issues, experienced in traditional header bidding.

Publishers have experienced a great surge in their revenues by moving to server-side header bidding. It enables publishers to get a better revenue through increased competition. Server-side header bidding has proven to be a successful monetization strategy and publishers should definitely shift to server-side header bidding.