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PubNX – empowering publishers for smarter monetization. We provide publishers the access to programmatic demand, technology & ad operations expertise so they can focus on their prowess – content & user experience.

PubNX is not just another Supply Side Platform. It is a monetization platform that uses smart and cutting-edge technology to yield best revenue for publishers. The platform’s AI & ML driven algorithms help publishers completely for ad revenue optimization. Right from managing the ad operations and optimization, we provide all the help publishers might need. PubNX is a monetization syndicate that focuses on publishers’ ad revenue growth. We provide publishers with ad placement support, ad operations, monetization strategies, advanced technology & expertise to power their complete growth.

  SSPs / Ad Exchanges PubNX
RTB Auction Yes Yes
Augmented Demand Pool via other SSP’s / Exchanges No. Limited demand. Only from connected DSPs and Trading Desks. Yes. – PubNX works with other SSPs/Exchanges and runs their demand pool for publisher inventory.
PMP Representation Initiated by the publishers only for their own Inventory. Initiated by PubNX collectively for publishers’ inventory, as large and multiple buckets attract better prices.
Ad Ops Support No Yes. PubNX manages ad server / DFP and ad placements on the behalf of publishers.
Bring Your Own Demand No Yes. PubNX manages publishers’ ad server, onboard & manage direct demand as well as demand from other networks and exchange partners.
Type of Publishers Big-name Publishers – SSPs generally give attention to top 1000 Alexa ranking sites. Mid-Size Publishers – PubNX also works with Mid-Size Publishers and hand-holds them on their path of transforming onto a big-name publisher.
Header Bidding Implementation Support No Yes. We hand-hold publishers and setup prebid on ad server.

PubNX believes that publishers must focus on their forte i.e. producing the best content and must say goodbye to all the monetization and inventory management hassle. With this approach in mind, Team PubNX works towards helping publishers grow their ad revenue by providing them premium demand, effective content strategies & domain expertise. PubNX provides publishers a centralized platform for connecting with multiple ad exchanges/SSPs, ad networks, and even individual DSPs/Trading Desks in order to sell ad inventory for the highest possible price.

Most SSPs give preference to the top publishers. Such SSPs have an approach which involves working only with large publishers. As most big-name publishers have in-house ops team, it becomes easier for SSPs to work with them. PubNX does not follow such a preferential approach. Irrespective of the fact whether the publisher ranks in top 1000 or not, we treat each of our publishers with the highest attention and try to curate a personalized monetization plan suitable for their traffic and audience behaviour.

SSPs/Ad Exchanges work with PubNX for their mid-size publishers’ strategy as it becomes difficult for them to work with mid-size publishers as they can’t invest much in building internal ops. PubNX helps SSPs/Ad Exchanges to get mid-size publishers’ traffic and the best part is SSPs/Ad exchanges don’t need to hand-hold such publishers because PubNX will do it for them.

PubNX works with a wide range of publishers, for whom, we have curated multiple personalized monetization solutions which include – RTB, Yield Optimization, Header Bidding, PMP Representation, Ad Refresh, and Multilingual Native Advertising. Apart from catering to their monetization needs, we also help in the areas like content strategy, understanding the online monetization industry and achieving growth. We place publishers at the center of the business and our highly skilled experts help them grow.

Simple monetization platforms are passé. It’s about time that publishers upgrade to a platform that adds more value than SSPs. PubNX is a platform that combines the power of smart monetization with strategic inventory management in order to provide a comprehensive growth to its publishers.