Have questions regarding our product & services, and wondering where to begin looking for answers? Your predicament ends right here! We have curated a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. We have tried to cover as many questions as possible, but just in case you need more help, feel free to drop us a mail at support@punx.com, and we will get back to you ASAP! We hope this helps!

Could PubNX bar advertisers? If yes, chance that indeed, at what level?

Yes. We can bar advertisers at ad category level or at the ads category.

From where does PubNX get the advertisers?

PubNX has direct sales team spread at different locations across globe. Thus, it’s how we on-board direct advertisers and expansive brands. Alongside this, we work with quite a few eminent agencies and trade with their own marketplaces.

How many Ad spots can one have on a page?

There is no restriction to the quantity of ads that can be placed on a web page. the positioning rely upon the page design and content. However, for the best outcomes it is proposed to place in at least five ads on each page over the site.

Is there any signing-up fee for PubNX? Would i be able to utilize PubNX's ads alongside advertisements from other ad networks?

There’s no cost required for signing-up to our premium publisher program.There is no issue with running PubNX ads alongside other advertisers.

What are our revenue terms?

We pay every one of our publishers on Net 60 payout cycle.

What are the modes of payment?

The modes of payment includes – PayPal, Wire Transfer, NEFT (Indian Clients) and Payoneer.

What is my supposed CPM or Fill rate?

The CPMs and fills totally rely upon your traffic quality, ad position, GEOs, site genre and other different elements.

What is the base payout limit for payment?

The base payout limit for payment is $1000 for Wire Transfer and $100 for PayPal.

What sort of ad formats does PubNX endorse?

PubNX endorses ad formats like Text, Video, RichMedia, Display, and so on.

What sort of publishers does PubNX undertake for its program?

We are exceptionally specific about the kind of publishers we work with. The publishers ought to have owned and operated websites. The sites ought to obey to our pre-set guidelines that can be read on.

What kind of advertisements will you roll on my site?

We apply numerous retargeting mechanism for displaying the most relevant ads to visitors. Eliciting in superior engagement and in turn good results for your inventory.

Where would i be able to see my reports?

On successful sanction of websites, all publishers gain admittance to their publishers dashboards, where the reports are available. The performance stats can be seen ad unit wise and site wise.