Yield Optimizer

Our Yield Optimizer employs advanced Data Analysis and Optimization techniques to ensure maximum performance and revenue for you.

Our Yield Optimizer is designed to get you the highest fill rates and the best eCPMs. It ensures that your ad impressions won’t go waste.

It enables you to generate optimal revenue output from primary and other demand sources.

Here’s How It Works!

When a visitor visits your website, and if you are monetizing the inventory smartly, an ad request is broadcasted. PubNX’s Yield Optimizer smartly scouts for the best and premium demand available through its Real-Time Bidding (RTB) auction. This allows publisher to get the best eCPM possible.

However, if no auction beats the floor price set by the publisher, then the Yield Optimizer will pass the ad request to the available Ad-Exchanges and Ad Networks. Yield optimizer will enhance the fill-rates by allowing the passback from the publisher, so that no impression will be wasted.


  • Data-Driven Inventory Management

    Data-Driven Efficient Inventory Management

    Effective planning of demand from multiple sources

  • Optimum Fill Rates

    Optimum Fill Rates

    Yield-optimization technology ensures that optimum number of ads are served on your website

  • Higher Revenues

    Higher Revenues

    The best eCPMs, premium demand from across the globe and highest fill-rates

  • Performance Analysis

    Data Analysis for Optimized Performance

    Accurate analysis of the inventory monetization based on precise data

  • Premium Demand Sources

    Premium Demand Sources

    Premium ad campaigns from the best demand sources from all across the globe