Supply-Side Platform

PubNX’s Supply-Side Platform (SSP) focuses on yielding the maximum revenue for publishers by connecting them to the direct demand, best DSPs, ad exchanges and networks across the globe. Our RTB-enabled programmatic platform brings to the table advanced methods like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) to fuel the monetization techniques, Yield Optimizer & Server-Side Header Bidding, to help publishers realize the complete potential of their inventory. With PubNX’s SSP, publishers get the best eCPMs and the highest fill rates, rewarding them with the best revenues.

Monetization Techniques

Yield Optimizer

Our Yield Optimizer employs advanced revenue optimization techniques to ensure maximum fill rate and revenue for you. It ensures that every impression is productively monetized without hampering the browsing experience.

Server-Side Header Bidding

With Server-Side Header Bidding, PubNX ensures that there will be no latency issue. Unlike traditional Browser-Side Header Bidding, it will send only one ad serving call to the server. It amplifies the efficiency and increases the potential of the inventory.

Inventory We Monetize

We help you monetize a variety of inventories, all under one roof!

Easy Integration

We offer a variety of integration options to suit your requirements


Header Bidding





Demand Partners